I am Alex, a 20-something year old Malaysian who has travelled halfway across the world in search of new adventures. A Registered Nurse by profession, I am trained in elderly care, specifically caring for people with dementia.

The Wandering Nightingale was a whimsical thought that came about one lazy evening. Retiring from a hard day’s shift, I was lost in my thoughts, planning for my next grand adventure & decided to put pen to paper. I have been struggling with a reflection that whole week, asking myself over and over again: “What defines you? How do you describe yourself? What do you identify with?”

I am just another person trying to figure herself out and her purpose here in this universe. 

I used to allow my life to revolve around nursing, then I realised I am so much more than that. I think I save lives but really, it is my soul that gets saved every single day instead. Being a nurse is part of who I am, but it does not make me just that, a nurse. I am so many other things and I want to explore all parts of me – my passions, my hobbies, my alter egos.

So when I am not too busy living the realities of my patients (with or without dementia), I enjoy a heck load of other interests; firstly being able to procaffeinate (you must know this word by now) with a good book, or writing short stories/poems/personal thoughts in my diary.

I also love singing all day, everyday, and secretly enjoy being heard.

I pride myself on being a domestic goddess, only getting better day by day. Cooking and baking have become part of a calming therapy whenever I am clouded by too many worries.

Other forms of therapy include Netflix & colouring.

Of course, like ¾ of the population in the world, I wanderlust big time and travelling is part of a grand dream.

I am a Flat White & English Breakfast kinda girl, but sometimes I can’t resist a cuppa Earl Grey or Darjeeling. I won’t say no to red wine, but dark chocolate is my real guilty pleasure.


The Wandering Nightingale is a collection of my adventures (& misadventures) as a singing-loving nurse (I hope you’ve gotten the metaphor by now) whose heart yearns for the constant wanderlusting of the world, kitchens, bookstores & libraries.

*The posts here are dated as far back as 2004 – the year I started blogging – but I would say I begun taking this blog (and my writings) a lot more seriously in the last few years.*

I hope my stories inspire you in some ways, somehow.

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