Book A Ticket and Just Wing It.

I will be heading to Italy tomorrow for a week-long trip and it still hasn’t hit me yet. 2 weeks ago I was frantically researching and formulating a rough itinerary. My purest intention is to just go and get lost in the country, In other words, just wing it. But of course, that isn’t always the case and as much as I wished it to magically work out, it wasn’t going to come easy that way.

 Venice//Murano//Burano//Pisa//Cinque Terre//Rome//Naples 

I’m actually looking forward to this trip; I dare say it would be quite a misadventure! Not hoping for anything to go wrong, of course! But we learn along the way, we explore, and we live to tell the tales. The very essence of wanderlust. 

I will forget the harsh reality of the world, for the moment. Forget about the crazy pile of work staring right at my face, trying to guilt-trip me. Forget about being afraid. Forget about my worries, my troubling thoughts, my anxious uncertainty about the future.


We did. I did.

Tomorrow, my journey begins! Await my stories!


Toodles. ♥

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