I Remembered This Strange Infatuation : A Short Story

I remembered we were out late that night, in that bar. We must’ve spent a good couple of hours (or more) there, just talking. You regaled me with stories of your travels, and all those hilarious description of your tragedies cracked me up so bad. You showed me pictures of your poor attempts of selfies in random deserts, woods and pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I was mostly amused, delighted and perhaps you can say somewhat enchanted. And then I remembered there was all those pretty blue lights that adorned the trees. The whole place was glowing, it was almost like a ball night scene picked out from a fairy tale – only, I wasn’t the princess and you weren’t my prince. At least that’s what I thought. But I remembered, for that one night, it felt like it. Like it was real.

Just the other day I was on the bus and overlooking the city as we cruised by. I remembered you, and I remembered us. I remembered all the routes we took while walking aimlessly around town. Well, probably not all the routes exactly, after all we were getting lost. Lol. Fond memories, they are.

To be honest, we barely know each other. In fact, we still don’t. But it must’ve been some sort of connection between us. Maybe. I don’t know.  

Yet you say things so raw, half of me wants to believe that you are real, that whatever you say is true. Oh, how I remembered this strange infatuation.


I hope you will always remember me, just like you’ve always said. 🙂




“Maybe one day we’ll meet again when we’re different people.

Maybe then we’ll be better for each other.”



Toodles. ♥

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