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I was inspired by WorshipBlues and her post here on Sunrise in Zanzibar. It had photographs of the beautiful sunrise and a little nostalgic remnants of her past.

She asked her readers:

“If you could go back and meet yourself as a child. What would you say?”


It stopped me in my mundane tracks as I was transported back to the depths of my memories. What exactly would I say to my tiny teeny self?


Let’s dream away from here tonight;
Just let it go and close your eyes.




I guess I would start with what everyone will say…

”Don’t stop dreaming. It might seem like these dreams are too big and too impossible to come materialize. But they will, if you work hard enough. Good things come to those who wait. And while they wait patiently, they must also work to make it happen because dreams don’t fall out of the skies, they are visions of what we want. ‘And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’”




“What lies beyond the valleys, we do not know. But we will, if we don’t stop walking towards it. One day, we will reach the lands unknown and maybe realize that this is what we have been looking for our whole lives. But maybe, just maybe, we don’t like what we see and we walk on; cross the oceans and the seven seas, dream about other lands we have yet to set our eyes upon. And that, my darling, is the great adventure – not knowing what to expect in the far distance.”




“Some days, the mountains between the valleys may seem frightening. Some days, the path may be so cobbled that it starts to hurt to move on. Some days, as you look out into the great unknown, all you see are dark clouds looming ahead, threatening to impede your journey, menacingly daring you to take one more step forward. And those days will happen, I’m afraid. It will stop you and you will choose to sit right where you are and you will refuse to budge. You will wait until those evil-looking obstacles clear off. You will stubbornly settle into what seem like safety and comfort where you are at that point. But let me say, that’s okay. Do what you feel is right for you, but remember, do not forget the dreams beyond those valleys. Do not forget the grand adventure you are on, and do not settle for anything less, just because. Those dark clouds may not move for a very long time, sometimes you won’t even see the sun. But have courage, have faith and keep going; just because you can’t see the light, does not mean that it is not there. Clouded, it may be but don’t let that cloud your vision.”




“The road ahead is long and full of mini adventures, but it will be hard. And if there is one thing I wished, it would be for you to be fearless. You will come across a lot of bridges, and at one point you will need to decide which ones you will cross and which you will burn. Some you will cross AND burn. Don’t let that break you, because you will only come out stronger. And believe me when I say, you will be thankful for those bridges that you choose to burn. You may be alone but more often than not you will never be lonely. At some parts of the journey, when you find yourself completely alone and lonely, don’t be afraid. There are reasons why you must be alone at those points in your life and soon you will understand why. Embrace your own company and find joy in it. It is at those times when you may or may not remember these words to keep you company.”



Clearly, I am a long-winded old hag who would sputter all these words to a 5-year-old, expecting to bequeath wisdom upon her. I should know better that the 5-year-old me would roll across the room and stare at this odd lady who suddenly appeared out of thin air and start raving melancholically about life and future and all that shizzz when all I would really like is a bar of chocolate. 🙂 And knowing me, I would probably never remember it at all. Nevertheless, if I could go back to my little self, I don’t think I would change anything. Except tell her to be fearless. I wished I was more fearless as I grew up. But I guess, everything happens for a reason and that reason is what makes me who I am today. 🙂


So let me now turn that question to you:

“If you could go back and meet yourself as a child. What would you say?”


Share it, blog about it, leave a comment, tweet me – whatever. Have fun. 🙂



P.S. Photographs were taken while I was globetrotting in Killarney, Ireland a couple months back.

P.P.S. This should be motivation enough for me to battle on in my dissertation. *war cry*


Toodles. ♥

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