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I’ve been tagged! (Check out the competition here, just click!)

So I received a lovely email from the lovely PR of Attraction World, announcing the newly launched website last week. I almost missed this email because it was found in my spam inbox instead! :O Good thing I was going through the spam as always (you never know what important things might have been accidentally sent there, like so!) and caught this email! Just in time! 😀


In the spirit of Christmas and magic and all that is jolly, I present to you the questions I have been tagged with:


1. Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?
So I’ve never really thought about this myself because I trust the Sorting Hat would do a better job; that said, I have been told by my friends that I am most likely to be sorted into Gryffindor. Not being biased or anything, honest. Although I am really not surprised if I end up in Hufflepuff.

2. Name a Disney character you’d like to have dinner with.
I would love love love to have dinner with the Mad Hatter. Just think of the madness that will ensue! The hilarity! Also, Winnie the Pooh. He would be an absolute darling. <3

3. Which Marvel superhero power would you choose?
This is pretty tough – I’m torn between the power to heal or to teleport. Maybe both, if I may be greedy! 😛

4. If you could bring back one dinosaur breed from Jurassic Park, which would it be?
T-REX RAWR! Just because. Small hands. LOL. No, I kid. I just think T-Rex is a definite classic.

5. You can ride a dragon at the Triwizard Tournament and visit the Owlery at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but where else would you go on a school trip to Hogsmeade?
But of course! Honeydukes! Can you imagine all the chocolate and candies, because I definitely can! /drools. Also, The Three Broomsticks. Because, doh, Butterbeer. Need I say more? 😀

6. A scene in any Disney, Harry Potter or Marvel movie you wish you could experience?
I’m quite enthusiastic about Harry Potter at the moment – I would love to be a spectator watching the tasks of Triwizard Tournament! Most specifically where Harry battles the Hungarian Horntail!

7. Name one item from any Harry Potter, Disney or Marvel movie would you want for Christmas.
The wand. Definitely the wand. IT CAN DO WONDERS.

8. Name one unforgettable experience/moment you’ve had at the Orlando Parks. (if you haven’t been just tell us which park you’d like to go to!)
I’ve never been to any, but I would love to visit Universal Orlando! Because, DIAGON ALLEY.


I suppose it is rather obvious by now that I am a (huge) fan of Harry Potter. Lol.


Also, a little last minute but I’m tagging you girls, Jesse & Iris!



Toodles & have fun! ♥

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