London | Nuffnang UK 1st Birthday Party!

Last Saturday was Nuffnang UK’s very first birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NUFFNANG UK!) and yes, I got invited to the party along with all the other Nuffnang bloggers! I was looking forward to it the past whole week because it would be so lovely to finally meet the other bloggers whose blogs I have been stalking for months now!

The party was held at Netil 360 Rooftop Retreat  with an amazing view of East London.

Netill House

Netil House, right before we reached the entrance of Netil 360. This looked scary already.


Don’t be fooled by its’ dodgy looking entrance (it was really creepy, if I were alone I’d have freaked out) because as you climb up the stairs to the rooftop, you will see some adorable and interesting graffiti on the walls. For instance,



When we stepped out onto the rooftop, we were greeted by some great music, a burger and taco bar, not to mention the lovely view and of course….balloons!!! Almost immediately, we were served with Pimm’s (never had it before, didn’t know it’s alcoholic and DAMN it was delicious! I thought it was some fruit punch or something!), and lovely Jesse came to distribute our name stickers.




It seemed like we had it all for a wonderful photoshoot – the location, the props and the people! So that’s what we did!




Cute & vivacious Honey from The Girl Next Shore





Lovely Emma from Bloomzy



Yours truly, no need for introduction. 😛




Our beautiful and amazing organizer, Jesse from Hecticophilia. Loving the pretty jacket, Jesse! 😛





I also met a number of fantastic bloggers (some which I have been stalking for a while now, hehe) and got to engage in wonderful conversations with them. It was an afternoon well spent with lovely people, yummy Pimm’s and oh them vegan tacos!

I met Marlene from Chocolate Cookies & Candies and Steph from Faiiint, both had so many interesting stories to share with us it seemed like an afternoon simply wasn’t enough!

Not forgetting the dynamic duo Jason & Chiara from goantolondon! 

It was unfortunate that I only had very brief contact with Holly from Petite Promise, Tom from Day Dream In Blue, Kylie from Little Outdoor Kylie, Sara from Hello The Mushroom (we managed to squeeze in a selfie, though!) and Emily from Emily Jayne. It was still very nice to have met them all! But I think it was such a shame that I didn’t manage to speak to a lot of other bloggers! Good thing for Twitter (and blogs!), we are still able to keep in touch! Here are some bloggers I didn’t get to say hello to: Francesca from Fall For DIY, Afra from Mad Mum of 7, Diane from Nomad Seeks Home. I’m pretty sure there were more D:!








These tacos were really good!


Victoria Yum

Headed down to Netil Market to scour for some sweet treats by Victoria Yum!


Besides the joy of meeting new people, it was also wonderful to see some familiar faces again! Angela from The Awkward Blog was there, Iris from Whatever Gets You Through The Day was sporting a lovely blue top to support Italy in that evening’s football match, and of course prosecco loving Sarah from The Prosecco Diaries who posted a lovely write up of the birthday party as well (featuring moi in some awkward laughing and props handling in the photoshoot).



All in all, a big thank you to the Nuffnang UK team for such a wonderful party! We had so much fun, we wished it didn’t have to end so quickly! Most certainly, I will be looking forward to more future events and catching up with fellow blogger buddies! Until then, we will be Twittering and blogs-hopping. 😀



Toodles! ♥


  1. sara June 3, 2014 / 13:57

    It was lovely to finally meet you! Love your photos xx

    • Alexandra Wong June 3, 2014 / 15:52

      Thank you so much, Sara! It was certainly wonderful to meet you too!

  2. jesselili June 3, 2014 / 15:20

    Alex!!! You have such amazing pictures, thank you so much for snapping away at our birthday and for taking the time to do a little recap post 🙂

    • Alexandra Wong June 3, 2014 / 15:53

      Awww thank you, Jesse! It was great fun snapping pictures of you guys, probably not enough pictures of the event and more of us modelling LOL. It’s my pleasure! <3

    • Alexandra Wong June 3, 2014 / 15:53

      Thank you Holly! We will definitely catch up the next time, I am sure of that! 😀 <3

  3. Krystal June 4, 2014 / 14:21

    Such a cool location! I totally missed it! And it’s probably inconvenient for me to go cause I live two+ hours away. 🙁 Glad you had fun tho 🙂

    • Alexandra Wong June 4, 2014 / 15:04

      Hi Krystal! Thank you for reading! Aww it’s such a shame you missed it though! Where do you live (if you don’t mind me asking)?

      But no matter, hopefully we get to meet if there’s another event coming up (and you get to come)? 😀

      • Krystal June 4, 2014 / 15:42

        Hey! You’re very welcome. I live in Sudbury, Suffolk. It’s pretty much the countryside that no one has heard of.

        Aww, definitely, I hope so too ! 🙂 Keep in touch ? 😉

        • Alexandra Wong June 6, 2014 / 15:16

          I’ve heard of it! 😀 Just never been there myself, would love to go visit sometime. If I have time :(!

          But yes, do keep in touch! Are you on Twitter? I just followed you on Bloglovin’! 😀 Really enjoy your beauty posts and reviews!

          • krystal ★ June 7, 2014 / 13:48

            Awww, I would love to show you around ^__^ But there isn’t much to see but they have a lovely nature reserve, great for photos 😉 I’m moving to Norwich after a couple of months tho.

            Yes, I’m on twitter, followed you ^__^ I followed back as well. Hehe, thank you ! I had a blogging block for a month now, slowly catching up.

          • Alexandra Wong June 8, 2014 / 20:28

            If I do come to Sudbury, I’ll let you know. 😀 Nature reserve is good too! hehe. Oh wow! Are you? That sounds awesome! New place yo! Oh I get that all the time, the whole blogging block – it sucks! and my blog will be unloved for a long while. 🙁 Hehe yay! Definitely easier to catch up over twitter and everything else ^^

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