I am a little late to the party but I have only just finished this book sometime last month.


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The Versions Of Us by Laura Barnett

“What if you had said yes …? Eva and Jim are nineteen, and students at Cambridge, when their paths first cross in 1958. Jim is walking along a lane when a woman approaching him on a bicycle swerves to avoid a dog. What happens next will determine the rest of their lives. We follow three different versions of their future – together, and apart – as their love story takes on different incarnations and twists and turns to the conclusion in the present day. The Versions of Us is an outstanding debut novel about the choices we make and the different paths that our lives might follow. What if one small decision could change the rest of your life?”

I was intrigued with the beginning, but very soon I got caught in the web of confusion as the story broke out in three different versions. As I progressed into the book, it got harder and harder to keep track of which version I was in, or even how the versions started out. A number of times I got the versions mixed up in my head. I must admit I was frustrated at some points of the book. Only because I couldn’t remember correctly what happened in the last chapter(s).

I didn’t think I’d like this book much because of how difficult it was to read & relate. What I wasn’t aware of was how deep I got sucked in, attaching my soul to the characters in every version of the story. My soul was split into Horcruxes, I’m sure of it.

This book is an emotional rollercoaster ride for me – it made me smiled, it made me angry, it made me throw my hands up out of sheer disgust with the ways of the universe. And these things in the book, they happen in real life. With joy comes sorrow. Happiness that doesn’t last, contentment mistaken for happiness. The amount of betrayal and lies laced in the everybody’s lives hurt me more than I expect. At certain points it became too painful to read. But what surprised me most is how much I actually sobbed (so loud as well) as I completed the book. It surprised me because like I mentioned, these are things that happen, things that you expect. Or maybe I’m this big cry baby so everything makes me cry anyway. And what I think Laura Barnett so wonderfully reminds us at the end is that love will always find you. And once found, love will always stay. Love doesn’t always conquer everything, but love will always stay, until the end of time.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Allow me to share with you a couple of my favourite quotes from the book:

“…he is old enough now to know happiness for what it is: brief and fleeting, not a state to strive for, to seek to live in, but to catch when it comes, and to hold on to for as long as you can.”

“What would my life have been without you?”

And to the last quote, my friends, I will say:

Everything & nothing.



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Toodles. ♥

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So, I waited (nearly) forever for this book.






Lovely, lovely book. It was definitely worth the wait.


The words resonate deep within me – some I can relate to, the others I can only imagine. Sentimental and beautiful.





Inspiring and young. Makes me feel like picking up my pen and re-attempt my poetry skills. Reminded me of my younger days – I had a pretty pink notebook that I used to write my heart out in lyrical proses. I hope my mom didn’t throw out the book. It’s like my little secret, all the emotions of a growing child scribbled in rhymes.





There is one particular poem that I am VERY proud of – I wrote it when I was 15? While I remember bits and pieces of it, I can’t remember the whole of it. I was extremely shy back then, to want to show it to anyone. Only one person has ever read it, and she loved it. Jeff has been dying to read it ever since I told him about it, but I only said, “Some day, you will.”. Up until today, I have yet to let him read it. Or anyone else (beside that friend) for that matter.

I promise I will share it. 🙂 Once I recover my little pink notebook.


In the mean time, I hope you will be entertained by my feeble works that I will post up once in a while. 😀


Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav – I highly recommend this book!

Very appropriate for a light bedtime read, or lounge on the couch with a cuppa on a rainy day with some soft music playing in the background. Perfect. ♥


I’ve already savoured it twice. Going to devour it again!


langleav:</p><br />
<p>izzaa:</p><br />
<p>Of hot tea &amp; poetry.<br /><br />
Highlight of my week is having this book (Love &amp; Misadventure by Lang Leav) arrive at my doorstep on the day I needed it the most. Lang’s poems are A+.</p><br />
<p>Omg A+ thank you so much! xo Lang <br /><br />
…………….</p><br />
<p>Love &amp; Misadventure now available via Amazon or The Book Depositoryfor FREE worldwide shipping and major bookstores including Barnes &amp; Noble, Kinokuniya, Fully Booked, National Book Store, Books Actually, MPH, Periplus, Waterstones, Borders, Indigo/Chapters + more.<br /><br />

Image from Tumblr.

May I add that it certainly makes a very good gift for Valentine’s (boys, you will melt your ladies’ hearts: try reading it to them).

So what are you waiting for?? Get the book, and enjoy! 🙂

P.S. Personally prefer the paperback vs the E-book. :3 

Toodles. ♥


An extra day in the month of February that comes every four years. Have you been taking it for granted? 😉

It had been an amazing date for me, because this year I made it memorable. As you guys may have already know from the previous post, yes, indeed, the boy and I went on to watch one of my favourite musicals of all times – Wicked: The Musical.



It all started when I was browsing through SophiaAz’s little bookshelf back in her room many years back, when this book of hers caught my eye.



I was immediately fascinated. And asked if I could borrow the book. It was a rather thick book, and I believe it took me a good long while to finish it.


I read it, I was mesmerized by it. It was…a process of getting to know the other side of the story. Let’s face it, we all know the story of “The Wizard of Oz”, how Dorothy came into the Land of Oz and we’ve never once doubt the wickedness of the Wicked Witch of the West, because like every other story, L. Frank Baum had clearly portrayed the protagonists and antagonists. What we never thought of, was the other story – why the Wicked Witch of the West came to exist and how HER story was like. Until Gregory Maguire took his imagination one step further and filled up the voids. For that, I am eternally grateful to him. Because now I know two sides of the story and saw the bigger picture.


In life, that’s how things always turn out bitter isn’t it? When people only know one side of the coin and place all blame on the others merely based on assumptions. If people in this world care enough to go that extra mile and find out the truth, or at least take a look at the other side, the world would’ve been a much better place. I personally feel so.


Anyway, Wicked: The Musical is not quite exactly how the book was portrayed. The storyline changed, though the theme remained. I actually loved the plot of the musical, and the other thing was the crazy awesome development of characters. It was beautifully played out. And personally, when life gets tough on me, the one and only song that can and will hold me up is “Defying Gravity”. No kidding. Many times, when I hit all time low, or even sometimes when I get extremely anxious and nervous over something that is about to happen – all I needed to do was either listen to the song, sing along, or just play it in my head and believe every single word and rhythm – and that was my secret magic booster to keep me going and snap out of the fear. And it worked, every single time. 😀 It’s that powerful, to me.


This is an abridged version, with the original cast, if you have about 5 minutes more to spare to watch this, you might just understand why it impacts me so. 🙂


Defying Gravity



The musical was to start at 730pm, so the boy and I met up early for late lunch at my favourite chicken place in the whole wide world! 😀 Nandos! ♥





Then we went on to collect our tickets (wheeeeeee!) and started to feel really excited cause the highlight of our evening was approaching fast!



And I also couldn’t help being a little vain, LOL. HEE! 😀 Well, yes, that was my outfit for the night.



While we were seated and awaiting the show to begin. The setting of the stage.



The show was marvelous. Although, I sorta kinda preferred the cast in London, but it’s still as magical. :’) I already started tearing up the minute it begun. I wanted to slap myself, like wtf is wrong with me, the show was barely starting and there I was, all sniffly and pathetic. My favourite scene has always been “Defying Gravity” but even the boy agrees that that has to be his favourite scene too. Hehe. I swear, makes me feel all warm and confident inside. Completely under its spell!


I won’t bore you any further with my ravings with this musical; you have to WATCH it, to KNOW it. 😀


But! One more thing, I am now in dire need to complete the trilogy (not quite sure if it’s a trilogy but there are three books alright)!


File:A Lion Among Men.jpg


I’m going back home, and search for these two books. And then I’ll be a happy child.



I think I’ll try defying gravity, and you can’t pull me down.



How many of us attempt to defy gravity, and remain strong throughout, without letting gravity pull us back down?


Toodles. ♥

Hello peeps, I am terribly sorry for the long absence; was back in KL and yeah, apart from the line there being terrible, I was trying to make the best of my short time at home.


Now I’m back here, I have to revert back to work mode. No more holiday jolly for me, no more slacking off. (Heck, who am I kidding, you KNOW that I am STILL slacking! :D) It’s been a week since I’m back and yeah, time really flies. So fast that it’s actually scary. I probably repeated this phrase over and over, time and time again but hey, you know that it’s true. This week had been HELL for me, no shit. I can’t believe I’m still alive. No doubt, it also explains why I’m freaking tired now, during the weekends. In fact, thinking about the coming week is tiring me already! Starting tomorrow, I have to really really push myself to work on my presentation! Or rather, the research of my presentation! I know, some of you will be thinking, damn! So late??? But I have to say, I work best under pressure. :S! As ghastly as that sounds, it’s kinda true. I hate doing last minute things but do we ever learn??? No! We never do, so since we can’t fight them, might as well join ‘em! HAHA! No, I’m kidding, of course we have to try not to keep procrastinating and doing last minute work but really, I simply…can’t find myself to work the other way round. I’m still trying though. Not going to give up that easily. 🙂


So a summary for this week:

– Had my first common test for Abnormal Psychology and Behavioural Modification on 30 June. Guess what? I studied the day before! HAHAHAHA! The paper was ok, I guess. I hope. IT BETTER BE!!! :O! Lol!

– Had auditions after that, for lunchtime performance! It went ok, but I FORGOT MY FREAKING LYRICS!!! I mean, it’s actually all in my head, but I panicked, and I went blank and I forgot! Thank GOD I didn’t start rattling off about somatoform disorders, hypochondriasis and somatization disorders or something!!! But hey! I’ll be performing on the 7th July 2010, around 12-1pm (if I’m not mistaken) so YAY! Hopefully I don’t forget anything or screw up! *prays*

– Had my Nursing Lab theory paper the very next day! :O! And guess what??? I STUDIED THE DAY BEFORE AS WELL!!! Slept at 4am, and continued studying when I woke up in a few hours time! Lol! Crazy, right?

– Start worrying about my elective. Like, seriously. 🙁


It had been a very intense week for me. So intense that I literally LOST my appetite, and almost fell sick. I was hungry at meal times, but whenever I think of food, I just feel like throwing up. I thought I was going to fall sick for real. But I’m still as healthy as a horse now (with the exception of being lethargic and what not); still don’t like the idea of food though. Sometimes, the thought of eating actually scares me. Is it because of the escalating stress building inside of me, and over a really short period of time? I think so. The day before my theory test, I was feeling all woozy, and sick to my stomach. Thank God I didn’t faint. I mean, imagined all the lost time I would’ve suffered from if I had fainted! :O All the time I could’ve been using to study. HEHEHE.


So anyway, yesterday we threw a surprise birthday party for Liza! ♥ I can’t upload the video I took yesterday, cause I uninstalled my iTunes, so until I get my iTunes back, I’m not so certain about plugging my phone to the lappy. ANYWAY, it was a TOTAL BLAST!!! Hahaha we really nailed Liza with deceptions all the way, and she was probably thinking, ah shucks, its my birthday but my 2 best friends are miserable. LOL! Trust me, I’ll try and post the video up by tomorrow, if my iTunes is back, and you will see what I mean! :D! Will also explain the whole storyline alongside the video! HEHE!

image image

♥ Our dysfunctional family ♥

Latest addition: Hexi and Sarah. Married. Hexi having an illicit relationship with Ihsan, his grandnephew. Gosh. What is the world coming to?


The husband and wife trying to kiss under the ‘cherrytoe’. And there’s me, kepoh smiling in their romantic picture. 


I seriously have NO clue what my daughter-in-law thinks he’s doing. Trying to act like one of the Cullens perhaps. HAHAHAHA!

image The sisters! ♥ Eyma MIA!


We had a wonderful dinner at Popeye’s. The conversation was awesome, the company was great, the food was excellent! All in all, a perfect de-stress Friday night.


TODAY, we were supposed to watch Eclipse together. The whole dysfunctional family! Hmph! But Azrin stole Namira to watch earlier, Eyma and Liza were unavailable, Ihsan was busy, so it was down to Afiq, Hexi, Farhat and yours truly.

But Farhat couldn’t make it all the sudden, and it was Afiq, Hexi, and me. The three of us. We sort of like, stared at each other, and went like, well…this is it! HAHAHA! But heck, we went for the movie ANYWAY! Hmm, I’m thinking if I should do a review on the movie. Ah well, since I’m on it, might as well! 🙂


Well, I’ve read all four books, and back then, I was quite…hooked on the series. When I start reading, I tend to delve into the story/plot quite intensely. And I actually liked it in a way because it was all a fantasy, yet Stephanie Meyers had made it seem so real. It was almost as if she was trying to create every girl’s secret dark fantasy, something we know that will never surface in the real world. But as the book progress, it got pretty…dark. I then realized, it was more adult fiction-ish. It was getting more inappropriate for young kids. I mean, yes, I understand she was trying to portray strong, intense, and perhaps true love, even if they were 2 people from 2 completely different worlds. However, kids these days are easily influenced, they don’t even need a vampire boyfriend to do silly things! I’ve r
ead and heard too much of teens these days cutting themselves or jumping off buildings (literally) mainly because of they broke up with their girlfriend/boyfriend. Ok, I understand the whole depressing issue, really, I’m not all evil you know, but I don’t see the point of you hurting yourself because of him/her. Because in the end you suffer, not him, not her. And why am I side-tracking here! I should be talking about the movie! Anyway, yeah, Eclipse. Not bad, honestly, they’ve made themselves funny (I’m talking about the script) but it’s sorta very mushy. Ok, I get it, it’s a love story, a rather interesting one, but it’s got lotsa kissing scenes! I like the fighting parts, :D! And I think the wolves are cool :D! But hey! Don’t think this is a bad review alright? Personally, I think it’s a good movie for you and your other half to watch maybe during a Friday DVD night in at home. Grab some nachos and make yourself cosy for the movie. Of course, nothing beats watching it in the theatres; the sound effects and what not, but I’m sure it’s going to be just as good. 🙂


I think I will actually look forward to watching Breaking Dawn, the next movie. That will be quite interesting, I have to say. The book was dark, twisted, and totally out of this world, but yeah, I’m really going to have to say the next movie really wouldn’t be suitable for kids. Lotsa violence going to be involved. Anyway, enough said. I would suggest you go watch the movie, and make your own opinions. Maybe if you’re able, you can tell me what you think of the movie. 🙂 Fair deal, I say! :D!


Moving on, the three of us journeyed to Borders after the movie. Since we were quite stuffed, we were more interested in the bookstore. My hands have been itching the minute I got to Orchard – itching to SHOP. And now that we’ve ventured into my most favourite place in the world, you can almost see my eyes rolling around 360º at each and every section! We were there for like more than 1 and 1/2 hours! And I have SO many books that I still want to get! But it was really strange, every book I picked up today was…dark and almost scary. Let me give you a list of the books I remember picking up:

1) Eleven minutes by Paulo Coelho

2) Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

3) High Fidelity

4) Jude The Obscure

5) Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder

6) Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

7) The Psychology of Love by Sigmund Freud

8) The Zabir by Paulo Coelho


Well, that’s all I remember picking up. I’m positive there were other books I picked up, but I just can’t quite remember them now. Most of the books in the list involve the topic of sex, lust, desire, murder, and incest. Something along those lines. :S!


And I’m glad to pronounce that I bought myself 2 books! Sophie’s World and Lolita! I’ve been searching high and low for Sophie’s World, ever since Shara introduced it to me years back. But I never had the guts to buy it because I know I won’t have time to finish reading it. Now that I found it here, like in the open (it was quite difficult trying to find the book back then) all ready for me to take home, I took the chance. 😀 Lolita was also introduced to me by lovely Shara and back then I didn’t know what it was. So curiosity got the cat in me and I’m giving it a shot. Hopefully it doesn’t kill me. All I know about this book, it’s very controversial, very sensational and yes explicit. It revolves around a step-dad’s lust for his prepubescent step daughter. And I’m about to find out why. 🙂


Will review the books at a later date, once I’m done of course.


P.S. Oh yeah if you’re wondering about the header for this post, it actually brings some sort of meaning to me. Maybe I’m always too attached to what I read and when I was reading the Twilight saga, I always thought the words were screaming out at me like some sort of advice that I should be taking in. Maybe I’m paranoid. Maybe it’s just how it seems to me, at that point of time, how similar it is to what I was going through. And no, I still don’t have a vampire boyfriend or a werewolf best friend. HAHA!